Over the last six months, the ICA team has been working with the talented filmmakers at Milkbox studios in New York to create a video that speaks to why we need the ICA and how important it will be in the larger contemporary art world. A big task, to be sure, but we knew Andrew Bordwin and Ed Nammour of Milkbox were up to it.

They hired four VCUarts students/alumni to work on the production team and assist them during their several days of shooting. One of those students, a senior in the VCUarts Film department, Tyler Kirby, (who, incidentally, the ICA team hired to shoot some testimonial videos), acted as sound tech and production coordinator on the Milkbox shoot. Thanks to Tyler for sharing these behind-the-scenes photos, and why he can’t wait to experience the ICA:

“As a soon-to-be-graduate, I think I’m most excited for the Institute to serve as a nexus of activity for all things contemporary art, right in the heart of the VCU art community. … the ICA will be the perfect place, separate from the classroom or lecture hall, for students and professors to come together and experience contemporary thinking.”