One of the many things we’re working on right now is the look of the signage system or “wayfinding.” Luckily we have a resident expert: Sandy Wheeler, an alumna, and faculty member in the VCUarts Graphic Design department. Sandy has extensive experience working on museum signage, having worked with the Smithsonian and many other arts organizations. She’s put some careful thought into the look and feel of the ICA’s signage and it’s no simple task.

“I’ve mapped a comprehensive plan for the signage including research, development, design, fabrication, and overseeing installation,” says Wheeler, who was granted faculty research leave for the 2014-2015 academic year to work on ICA signage.

In order to develop a successful visual system for the ICA, Sandy has a lot to take into consideration: the architecture, building materials, construction methods, not to mention the need for signage to be both visually compelling and functional. And the ICA’s Markel Center, a Steven Holl-designed building,  offers its challenges, such as curving walls, zinc panels and transparent window walls.

These images show the approved Federa font as well as some of Sandy’s inspiration in this ongoing process.