Can you describe your involvement with the ICA?

Initially I supported the ICA with a gift, but I also wanted to help with fundraising and awareness.  Last spring I hosted a cocktail party for the ICA with Bill and Pam Royall to engage Richmond’s young professionals by creating ambassadors who can further spread the word about the ICA. Recently I started planning a big fundraising event for the fall so stay tuned for that!

Why did you give to the ICA?

I think this project is, by far, the best thing we have going on in this city right now. I’m passionate about legacy and taking the resources I have and using them to build and fund things that will better the community. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a founding supporter alongside great visionaries who can see the benefit the ICA will have for generations to come.

Why do you think it’s an important project?

I see the ICA as important for both cultural and economic reasons. I’m in finance and don’t consider myself artistic, but I’ve developed a great appreciation for the arts. Many times I think people don’t have a broad enough understanding of how the arts support a thriving community and how much we benefit on a daily basis from the artistic community. The ICA will be an incubator for the creative mind. The next best artist or design might just be born in that building.  With that perspective, this project is important not only to our city, but the world.

What do you think it will mean for RVA?

The ICA will mean so many things for Richmond but most importantly it will leave an impression on the thousands of people who see the building every day. The design of the building itself will inspire people to challenge normalcy. That idea alone can be inspiring to people in so many different ways. The ICA will most definitely be a landmark we can all be proud of and a landmark that will elevate the city’s status on a national level which has its own set of implications.


We have raised $33.3 million of the $35 million capital campaign goal. We need your help to build the ICA. Donate now!