For years I’ve been a fan and friend of Mixed Greens gallery in New York City so when they reached out to me in the spring and asked me if I wanted to curate a summer show of Richmond artists, I jumped at the chance.  At that point I had been in Richmond for only about 5 months, and felt like I had only just begun to scratch the surface in terms of getting to know local artists and their work.  So I went into overdrive, conducting as many studio visits as I could in the period of about one month.  As I spoke to artists, I was searching for common threads that would make sense in terms of defining the show’s theme.  From my arrival, I was struck with the “Old Dominion” nick-name for Virginia and wondered about its origin.  A quick search led me to read that the moniker was coined by the King after the colonists remained loyal to the crown during the English Civil War.  I thought it was perhaps somewhat ironic that the name stemmed from loyalty when Virginia’s history is so much about rebellion, from the American Revolution to the secession of the Civil War.  Even in my short time, it struck me that Richmond is a city that is in transition and like all places, there is tension that arises.  So my themes for the show began to form: independence vs. loyalty, innovation vs. tradition, new vs. old, future vs. past.  Richmond is a place were all of those things play a role, and I believe this group of artists represent the new wave, hence the title New Dominion. –Lauren Ross, Curator
View the New Dominion video here.