In a joint collaboration between ICA staff, School of the Arts Interior Design faculty, and BCWH Architecture colleagues (the ICA’s architect of record), interior design students were asked to examine design challenges presented by the ICA’s forum, a space defined by a 36-foot ceiling, a curving wall, and a sweeping grand staircase.

A focal point of Director Lisa Freiman’s tenure, such collaborative projects are an ICA priority and a direct connection to VCU’s commitment to provide students with high-quality, real-world learning experiences. Simultaneously, the faculty were pleased to elevate the studio experience by providing students with an existing client and an opportunity to see a process take shape and to witness a structure take form.

Highlights from the project — featuring drawings and watercolors by the students, video interviews, and more — are on view at VCU’s Cabell Library from Sept. 26 to Nov. 20. Watch the video here.

Image: Heather Overby, Illustration of the forum (detail), Spring 2016. ©ICA at VCU and H. Overby