March on Monument 2017

Today we join Richmond’s March on Monument, and we stand, in solidarity with those who believe in the power of equality and justice. As we march past monuments to Confederate soldiers, I am reminded that Richmond is also a place where creative expression and alternative voices reveal a history of pride in our differences and a desire to continually reform.

In anticipation of the presidential inauguration and the opening of VCU’s Institute for Contemporary Art, we ask ourselves how the ICA can best serve our community both locally and globally in a time of civic unrest. In doing so, the ICA stands committed to being a space that promotes social equity, racial justice, and open dialogue through the arts. We stand together with the cultural institutions, artists, curators and critics around the world that share this commitment.

Today we proclaim our rights to preserve the very multicolored fabrics that make us a nation. In these charged times, we march together to produce more images of solidarity and hope for future generations to come. We march today, will join the Women’s March on January 21 in Washington D.C., and every day until we reach a tomorrow where we truly have a more perfect union. #RVA #MarchonMonument #ICA2017 #ICAVCU #Bootsontheground

— Lisa Freiman, Director