The ICA is dedicated to lifelong learning for people at all stages of education. All of the galleries, public spaces, and auditorium will be used for educational purposes including seminars, classes, and assignments, and as such the ICA in its entirety will become a dynamic classroom.

ICA will be a resource for — and partner in — a great range of the educational activities of VCU and cultural partners throughout the city of Richmond and the Commonwealth of Virginia. The ICA has the unique potential to engage effectively and deeply with academic and curricular agendas.

Within VCU, the ICA will be broadly integrated into academic life. An emphasis will be placed on building long-term relationships with faculty to encourage involvement by faculty from a range of disciplines, beyond art and art history. Even before it has been constructed the ICA is already partnering with faculty and students to develop projects in VCUarts, the Fast Track MBA Program in the Business School, the BrandCenter and others.