The ICA’s Student Advisory Committee is underway with VCU undergraduate and graduate students from a wide range of disciplines. In addition to advocating for the ICA, committee members will gain professional experience in a non-collecting, contemporary art institution and develop skills in leadership, event planning, communications, and mentoring. Members will also help determine the structure and scope of the committee.

Student Advisory Committee members:
Joshmary Alcantara, undergraduate, Biology
Sasha Baskin, graduate, Craft/Material Studies
Elias Burrell, undergraduate, Business Management
Amber Diemer, undergraduate, Photography and Film
Ryan Evans, undergraduate, Mass Communications/Marketing
Shanmuka Gadiraju, undergraduate, Biochemistry
Isa Gagarin, graduate, Painting
Juan Gonzalez, undergraduate, Kinetic Imaging
Allison Heerwagen, undergraduate, Graphic Design
M Hill, graduate, Art History
Katlyn Lawhorne, undergraduate, Dance and Choreography
Christina Sadovnikov, undergraduate, Craft/Material Studies
Mitchell Smiley, graduate, Public Administration
Charlena Michelle Wynn, graduate, Art History