Enjoli Moon is the newly appointed Adjunct Assistant Curator of Film at the ICA. A Richmond native, Moon is the Founding Creative Director of Richmond’s Afrikana Independent Film Festival, an annual multi-day festival that presents the cinematic works of people of color and brings filmmakers, artists, activists, and community members together.

Moon is devoted to sharing diverse cinema, focusing on the global Black narrative, with the community at large. She will bring her expansive knowledge of film detailing the experience of the African diaspora to the ICA, while also developing film programs that complement the ICA’s exhibition program and institutional vision more broadly. Her film programming will be accompanied by conversations and experiences that connect audiences to the films, to key social issues, and to each other. She will continue to run Afrikana as an independent non-profit, separate from her work for the ICA.

Prior to joining the ICA, Moon worked as a freelance film curator and as a marketing and social media specialist throughout the region. Moon studied sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University and attended Virginia State University.