From our Publisher: Build it and we will create

OK, Greater Richmond and supporters of Virginia Commonwealth University, it’s rally time.

The missing shining piece in RVA’s emerging mosaic confirming it as a capital of creativity and innovation is oh-so-close to achieving a vital fundraising goal. Read More


Move Forward: Growing Together in 2014

GRID magazine tracked down a handful of Richmonders committed to moving the region forward in their own way. Unwavering in their commitment to RVA, the following contributors shared with us, in their own words, what they will remain focused on throughout 2014. And most importantly, how they plan to move us forward. [Read ICA Director Lisa Freiman's contribution here.]


Deja Vu: Faces and Places From Our Past Pages

Meanwhile, across town, VCU’s planned 40,000-square-foot Institute for Contemporary Art has accrued $24.6 million of its $33.8 million budget, and in July, the dynamic Lisa Freiman was hired as director.


Getting Closer: VCU Institute for Contemporary Art

Within five minutes of talking to the new director of the VCU Institute for Contemporary Art, you understand why she is a perfect fit for a place being described as an “incubator” and a destination “where ideas percolate.”

Times Dispatch 9_7_2013

Inaugural Fall Line Fest Joins First Fridays

The two-day art, food and music festival is being held at more than a dozen venues in the Fan, Jackson Ward and downtown, ranging from The Camel in the 1600 block of West Broad to the Hippodrome on Second Street between Marshall and Leigh streets.


City poised to embrace role as a cultural hub

Lisa Freiman, the inaugural director of Virginia Commonwealth University’s new Institute for Contemporary Art, says, “The city is at a tipping point in terms of its role as a progressive cultural hub.”


Synaptic Bliss at the Grace Street Theater

Exploring the realms of a digital consciousness, Virginia Commonwealth University’s Institute for Contemporary Art presents Synaptic Bliss, a four-channel video by Aziz and Cucher during the Fall Line Fest this Friday and Saturday.


Aziz + Cucher Coming to VCU

The future home of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Institute for Contemporary Art will be the site of an Aziz + Cucher video installation as part of next month’s Richmond Fall Line Fest.