“This project will fuel our city’s creative energy by bolstering the education of its next-generation creative class.”

– VCU President Michael Rao

The Campaign Committee

The $37 million capital campaign for the ICA is being led by the following group of dedicated volunteers from the Richmond community.

Brad Armstrong
Elizabeth Cabell
Meg Gottwald
Freddie Gray
Judith Guest
Jil Harris
Hiter Harris
Neil Kessler
Alice Livingston
True Luck
John Luke
Nancy Lund
Kathie Markel, Co-chair
Steve Markel, Co-chair
Paul Monroe
Abby Moore
Tom Papa
Bev Reynolds (1946-2014)
Bill Royall, Co-chair
Pam Royall, Co-chair
Mike Schewel
Carolyn Snow
Harry Thalhimer
Marcia Thalhimer
Anne Waleski

Complete List of Our Supporters

$5M and Above

Katherine N. and Steven A. Markel
Pam and Bill Royall

$1M – $4,999,999

John David and Meg Newell Gottwald – in honor of Martha Daniel Newell
*George W. and Helen H. B. Logan
True and Charlie Luck
Markel Corporation
Abby W. Moore
NewMarket Corporation
The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation
Patsy K. and Hunter R. Pettus, Jr.
Carolyn and John Snow
VCU Real Estate Foundation
VCU School of the Arts
Virginia Commonwealth University

$500,000 – $999,999

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph H. Bunzl/R.E.B. Foundation
Robert G. Cabell III and Maude Morgan Cabell Foundation
Lewis & Butler Foundation
James E. Ukrop Family
VCU School of the Arts’ Pollak Society
Victoria B. and Paul H. Saunders
Richard T. Robertson

$50,000 – $499,999

Anonymous Arts Alumna ’75
Kelly and Tiffany Armstrong
Jay Barrows – in memory of Cindy Neuschwander
Shelley and Richard Birnbaum
Christy and David Cottrell
Marsha and William M. Ginther
Bruce B. Gray
*Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Gray
Garland and Agnes Taylor Gray Foundation
*Mr. and Mrs. Horace A. Gray
*Terrell L. and Elliott M. Harrigan
*Jil and H. Hiter Harris III
Harrison Foundation
Stephanie Holt
Lynn L. and Neil S. Kessler – In honor of the generous efforts of Steve and Kathie Markel and Bill and Pam Royall
James W. Klaus
*Philip W. Klaus Jr. and Sandra L. Mihaloff
*Deborah Mihaloff and Alan Kirshner
The Lipman Foundation
Luck Companies Foundation
*Nancy Brennan Lund
The Martin Agency
Charlotte and G. Gilmer Minor III
Caroline and Joe Murillo – in memory of Cindy Neuschwander
Jay Olander
Baxter and Elaine Perkinson
Christine Kane Plant
Dr. John W. Reynolds
Richard S. Reynolds Foundation
Fannie and Gil Rosenthal, Nancy and Scott Belleman
*Michael Schewel and Priscilla Burbank
Andy and Jil Stefanovich
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Thalhimer
Marcia and Harry Thalhimer
*Mr. and Mrs. Tilghman
Union Bank & Trust
James C. Wheat III
*Wilbur Moreland Havens Charitable Foundation
The Windsor Foundation Trust U/W Quincy Cole

$10,000 – $49,999

Kathleen W. and Gerard Albanese
The Arenstein Foundation
Brad and Frazier Armstrong
Erika and El Blanton
Rosann Bocciarelli and Jim Weinberg
*Paisley and Susan Boney
Buckingham Foundation
*Robert L. Burrus, Jr. and Adrienne G. Hines
The Braymer Family – in memory of Mary Clark Roane Downing
Margaret and Al Broaddus
*Edie Cabaniss
Julia M. and Bryan D. Carr
John W. Collier III
The Elmwood Fund
*Ted Elmore – in memory of Cindy Neuschwander
Mr. Fredrik J. Eliasson /CSX Corporation
Jack and Oneita Enoch
Earl and Linda Ferguson
Bea Fine
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Fowlkes II
*May H. and Charles K. Fox
Suzanne Grandis
Kathryn Gray and Alex Nyerges
Hank and Natalie Greenberg
*Meg and John Gottwald
IM Harris Foundation
Margaret R. Freeman
*Eugenie and Killian Huger Fund/ Deborah and Thomas P. Valentine
Hunton & Williams
Paul W. and Fredrika H. Jacobs
James River Air Conditioning Co.
*Martha S. and Charles M. Johnson III
George and Linda Kelly
Patrick Kelly
Sandy and Heyn Kjerulf
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Krusen, III
*True and Charlie Luck
Catherine and Wayne Maffett
Elizabeth and Richard G. Mason
Nancy Vaughn Miller – in memory of Paul F. Miller
*Sara and Paul Monroe
M. M. Morgan & S. T. Morgan Foundation
*Elizabeth Seydel Morgan
Linda and Stephen P. Nash
Marshall and Alison Norton
Sara Belle and Neil November
Candy Osdene
Peachtree House Foundation
John and Margaret Peters
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Ann and Richard Ramsey
*Beverly W. and David C. Reynolds Family
*Mr. and Mrs. David Linn Reynolds
Anne Carter Robins & Walter R. Robins, Jr.  Foundation
Susan and Richard Roth
Ann and Jerrold Samford
*Evie and Strother Scott
Nancy Scott, Mac Scott and George Ross Scott, Jr.
William, John & Emma Scott Foundation
Suzanne and Joseph H. Seipel
Susan and Mark Sisisky
*The Geoffrey Sisk Family
*Carolyn K. and John W. Snow
William D. Stegeman
Steven Holl Architects – in memory of Sam Hoyt
*The Szymanczyk Family
Tesco Foundation, LLC
*Sherry and C. Kent Titus – in memory of  Sam Hoyt
Ed Trask
*Scott and Lilo Ukrop
Ted and Katie Ukrop
*Laura and Ned Valentine
Anne G. Waleski
Marilyn and Jay Weinberg
Eric D. and Vicki Godsey White
Jerry Williams and  Mark Reed
*Lorna M. and Randolph W. Wyckoff
Ostap Zagorodnyy – in memory of Cindy Neuschwander

$1,000 – $9,999

*Ameringer McEnery Yohe
Katie Adams- in honor of Art Education Class of 2002
Barbara Ames
Arthur Backstrom Jr.
Sarah B. Gravitt-Baese and Kurtis A. Baese
Jaime Baird and E. Wesley Anderson, Jr.
Robert Balster
Kathleen Burke Barrett
Felicia and Max Beard
Melanie B. Becker
*Dennis and Vickie Belcher
*Mr. and Mrs. David R. Beran
Blackwood Development Company

Gloria B. Blades
Charles and Victoria Bleick
Jay and Megan Bonfili
*Ellen and Martin Boyle
*Melissa and Julian Bowen-Rees
*Margaret Dillon Bowles
*Betsy and Chris Bredrup – in honor of Joe Seipel
Spencer and Bartholomew Broadbent
Cabell Design Studio
*Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Cain, Jr.
*Ann and Drew Carneal
Rejena Carreras
*Prof. Sonya Clark and Dr. Darryl Harper
Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Clary
Lisa Freiman and Ed Coleman
Douglas Cook
John E. Corey – in honor of Judith Godwin
Laura and Frank Aaron Coyle
*F. Michael Crowley
Brian and Paula Dailey
Marie G. Dennett Foundation, Inc.
W. Birch Douglass III
Joni and Mark Dray
*James Clayton Dye and Sean Storey
John D. Eavers
Andrew Edlin – in honor of Pam and Bill Royall, Marcia and Harry Thalhimer
Casey English
Michael and Mary Chris Escobar
*Lynn and Randy Evans
Karin Fine
*F. S. and Ingeborg K. Fisher
Frank and Penny Fletcher
Charles K. and May H. Fox Fund
Sharon and James Fuller
Catherine W. Howard and Jeffrey M. Gallagher
Janet and Jonathan Geldzahler
Ginther Family Charitable Fund
*Britt and Susan Glisson
*Kim Gottwald
*Nancy Gottwald
John and Mary Grier
*Irene & Tucker Grigg Foundation
Steven Holl
*Melinda and Bill Hardy
Mr. Martin Johnson and Mrs. Valerie Hardy
Karen Harris
Cynthia Luck and Sheppard Haw
Bill and Marti Heil
Myron Helfgott
Dr. Robert Hobbs and Ms. Jean Crutchfield
*Eleanor and Joel Hoppe
*Kathleen Hoppe
Mary Jane Hogue
*Randy and Rossie Hutcheson
In memory of Ronne T. Jacobs
*Tom and Anne Jefferson
Champ Roberts Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Van Dyke Jones II
Elizabeth Joseph
Phyllis Joyner
Kim Faison Antiques, LTD
*Mr. and Mrs. John Templeton Keller
John Kelly
Philip and Patsy King
*Ashley Kistler
*Mr. and Mrs. William A. Krusen, III
Elinor and Frank Kuhn
Carol Anne and Joe Lajoie
Christina O. and Richard Lindholm
Anita S. and Thomas A. Lisk
*Alice and Mac Livingston
The Reverend Anne Leslie Yount Manson
Samantha and Greg Marrs
*Diane Sadler Martin
*Douglas N. Martin
Virginia Mathurin
Sue Ann Messmer
Laura Swift Meyers
Laura B. Cameron and A. Lee McCown
Charles and Carter McDowell
Sara Wilson and Steven McKay
Alice and Leroy McLeod
Whitney and Tad Melton
The Merck Company Foundation
Miller Foundation
Wallace Millner
Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Mitchell
Mixed Green LLC
Dr. William T. and Dorothy D. Moore Family Charitable Endowment
Charles and Jo Ann Myers

David Nagle
Robin and John Nester II
Parker Carson Foundation
Edson S. Pederson and Sharon Larkins-Pederson
Barbara and Jim Peters
Stephen Powelson and Mathis Kirby
James Ratliff and Kelley Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Rawles III
Virginia Pye and John Ravenal
Chris Reichert
Steven Reiss
Remo Family Charitable Fund
Bev and David Reynolds – in memory of Cindy Neuschwander
*Mr. and Mrs. William T. Reynolds
Saks Incorporated
Becky and C.C. Satterfield
*Mr. and Mrs. G. Jacob Savage III
Linda Carr Sawyers
Michael Schreffler
*Drs. Jeffrey and Patty Bell Schul
P. Watson Seaman
Mr. O. Van Pelt Sessoms
Barbara S. Shocket
Scott and Louisa Sirles
Maya and Shaka Smart
*Chris and Sara-Ellen Snow
Stephanie Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Spitzer
*Lewis and Tina Stoneburner
*Cathy and Jerry Strauss
Richard Stravitz Sculpture L.L.C.
*Marcia and Harry Thalhimer
Maggi Tinsley
*Kent and Sherry Titus – in honor of Joe Seipel and in memory of Bev Reynolds
Janet B. and Roger H. Tutton, M.D
*Dr. Richard Toscan and Ms. Sharon Walker
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Trani
The Underground Kitchen LLC
Walter Parks Architect
*Mr. and Mrs. Marcus M. Weinstein
Paul and Julie Weissend
Sandra Wheeler and Rob Carter
Judy Winston
Wonder Fund
Caroline and Richard Wright
Anita Yearwood
Gary Edward Young

UP TO $1,000

Sandra Abbott
Susan J. Albert
Mary Lee L. Allen
Mrs. Phoebe Antrim
David Aschheim
Ray Ashworth – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Joan Arenstein – in memory of Burt Edwards
Teague and Jillian Avey
Andras J. Bality
Robert and Sandra Balster – in honor of Eddie Slipek
*William C. Barrett, III
Gina P. Bass
Christine E. Baucom and Matthew R. Wallin
Barbara Beasley – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Wyatt and Mason Beazley III – in honor of Eddie Slipek
*Tenley and  Wyatt S. Beazley IV
Cynthia Beck
*Susan Benson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Betts – in honor of True F. Luck
Jesse and Sheilah BeVille
*Ms. Isabel Bigelow and Mr. Luis Castro
Laura Birdsey
Scott Blackwell
Karmalita Bawar and Curt B. Blankenship
*Christopher and Allison Bliley
Peggy J. and John H. Borgard
Cara Bowen
Dr. M. Bowman – in honor of Eddie Slipek
*Sally and Tim Bowring
*Julia Boyd
*McGuire Boyd
Shana G. Bradley
Bev and Matt Brown
Kate and Rodes Brown
Rachel Burgess
Ann and Phillip Burks
*Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Burtch
Ashley and Brian Burton
*Kendall Buster and Siemon Allen
*Dr. and Mrs. Edward Campbell
Virginia Campbell – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Caroline and John Cardwell
*Eleanor Rufty Carlyon
The Honorable Betsy Carr
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard Catlett , Jr.
Annie Chalkley
Laura Lee Chandler – in memory of Rear Admiral Stephen H. Baker
Dr. Jan F. Chlebowski
*Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chenault, Jr.
*Catherine Claiborne
*Mr. and Mrs. Miles Clarkson
Anne Stewart Claytor
Tess Coleman and Aly Betz
The Community Foundation
*Carole Conner
*Mary Maxwell Conner
David Covington
Alyssa Crump
John Teal Crutchfield
CultureWorks, Inc. – in honor of Pam and Bill Royall
*Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cunningham, Jr.
G. Sanford Dallas
Connie Davis – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Diana Davis
Teresa Davis – in memory of Catherine Pinner McGurn
Anna Deaver
*Joni and Mark Dray
Owen Duffy
*Marshall and Rita Earl
*Audrey G. and J. M. Eggleston Jr.
*Deborah Ellis
*Andrea and Robert Erda
Marilyn Erickson – in honor of Eddie Slipek
*William and Martha Etherington
*Caroline Ewing
*Virginia Ewing
Everett and Holly Fairlamb
Fan Townhouse & Garden Club
John Ferrara – in memory of Meredith DeCiucis
Nicholas Feucht – in honor of Katherine Thompson
*Alexander M. and Mary R. Fisher
Charles Fisher
Renee Fisher
Lucie H. Fitzgerald – in honor of Eddie Slipek
*Dr. Renate Forssmann-Falck
Thomas and Stacy Foster
*Becky and Anthony Frank
Elsa Freiman – in honor of Dr. Lisa Freiman
Margaret Friedenberg – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Sharon Fuller – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Maura and Rick Gaenzle
*Gagosian Gallery
Vaughn and Traci Garland
Laura Giannitrapani
*Patricia Glave
James Goalder
Joseph Goenaga
Frances and Larry Goldman – in honor of Dr. Paul Monroe
Ann and Peter Goodman – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Lynn Goodman – in honor of Eddie Slipek
*Allen C. Goolsby
Kelly Gotschalk
Reni Gower
Laura Greer – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Jamie and Neil Gregory
*Suellen Gregory
Wendy Grossman – in memory of Anita Reiner
Loretta T. and Keith Haglund
Lori Ann Haller
Carole Harrell
*Tyler Harris
Trey Hartt
Michael and Susan Haubenstock – in honor of Eddie Slipek
*Heritage Wealth Advisors
Mrs. Allan Heyward
Blythe Heywood
Sybil Halloran and Christopher A. Hicks
Hillcrest Civic Association
Sara Hillery
Ann Neil Holden
Michael and Jennifer Huffman
Laura R. Hughes
Mitzi and Thomas Humphrey
*Tom and Anne Innes
Rand Irons
Susan L. Iverson
*Freddie and Paul Jacobs
John and Kim Jacoby
*Gretchen Japhet
Lois Jecklin – in memory of Dr. Dirk Jecklin
Jewish Woman’s Club – in honor of Dr. Paul Monroe
Benjamin P. Jobrack
Emily Lytle-Painter – in honor of Lisa Freiman
Emily A. Kasky
*The Keller Family Foundation
Anne Kerr – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Sarah and Steve Kim
*Dr. Eileen C. Kitces and Dr. Edward N. Kitces
Jack and Barbara Kling
*Barbara and Jack Kreuter
*Wendy Kreuter
*Richard and Nancy Krider – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Chad Michael Krouse
Patricia Kruszewski
Nancy A. Lampert
Jacqueline Langholtz
Michael Lease
Mitzi Lee – in memory of Anne Berry
Madison Leon
Susan Leone
Ginger Levit
Marjorie Levy
Joel and Gail Lewis
Patricia Vastano-Lieberman – in honor of Eddie Slipek
*Rita Liles
Stephen Ross Little
An Liu
Diana R. Livingston
*Whitney and Phillip Long
*Cyane Lowden
Prudence Lubman
Charlie and Lisa Luck – in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck III
Mary Chris Luck – in honor of Barbara Luck
Stacy Luks
Helen Wallace MacDonald
*Sally Mann
*Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marshall
Sarah Scott Matheson
Rab McClure
Molly McFadden and Corin Hewitt
Lorie McCown
*Emma McCrossan

James McMillan
*Whitney and Tad Melton
Mitchell Merling
*Klein and Melanie Merriman
James S. Meyer
Susan Meyers
Valerie Anne Molnar
*Mr. and Mrs. D. Reilly Monroe
Patricia Moody – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Abby W. Moore – in memory of Marion E. M. Kiecker
Lauren Moore
Dr. Yvette Moorehead-Carter – in memory of Dr. William Douglas Moorehead, Sr.
*Dr. and Mrs. Steven C. Moreland
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Munson
William Nash – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Dr. Aashir Nasim
*Henrietta Near
Annette Nelms – in memory of Rear Admiral Stephen H. Baker
Dr. Ann M. Nichols-Casebolt and Dr. Neil B. Murphy
Joe and Susan Norkus
Cheryl Nystrom – in honor of Eddie Slipek
*Sean and Lili O’Brien
Michael and Judith O’Connor
*Kevin and Kate O’Hagan
Frank Orem – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Deborah Orsi – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Page Bond Gallery
Allan Parr
Mr. and Mrs. David Patterson – in honor of Tina and Lewis Stoneburner
Dr. Marcia Penn
Mr. and Mrs. H. Chris Peterson
Philip Morris Co., Inc.
Emilia Phillips
Michael Pierce and Ronald Lee
John J. Pine
Betty and Ward Plummer
Johanna Plummer
Kenneth Pope
Brelyn Powell
Promotional Considerations – A Division of Vanguard Industries, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Pusey
May Frances Ramsey
Elizabeth E. Read
Tatem Read
*Mr. and Mrs. Charles Larus Reed, Jr.
Philip and Sara Reed
Travis Reinhardt
*Jim and Mollie Reinhart
*Howard and Christina Risatti
*Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm E. Ritsch, Jr.
*Katheryn Robertson
Mary A. Rodriguez
Fiona Ross
Joe Alexander and Sarah Rowland
John Rupp – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Roberta Oster Sachs
Alyssa Salomon and William Lupoletti – in memory of Sasha Waters Freyer’s father & John Freyer’s parents
*Diego Sanchez
Mim Scanlin
Mildred Scanlon
*Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Scoggins
Susan and Buford Scott – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Stephanie Seay
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Seevers, Jr.
Chloe Seipel
Mary Selph
Mary Lynn Seymour – in honor of Eddie Slipek
Gary Shapiro
Kathleen Shaw
Jody Sherman
*Mr. and Mrs. John Sherman Jr.
*Sarah and Hans Sherman
Lauren Shiver
Thomas Silvestri and Susan Kurzman
Richard Sliwoski
Rachel Southard
*Mary and Jack Spain
*Kelly and Stephen Spraker
*C V Spratley III
Jane Sternheimer
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Stoneburner – in honor of Tina Stoneburner
Alfred Strickler
*Robert Stuart
*Dr. Nancy Stutts
*Pam Anderson Sutherland
Jenna A. and Daniel R. Swanson II
Nancy and Robert Talbert – in honor of Eddie Slipek
*Dr. and Mrs. Armistead Talman
Ann Talbott – in honor of Eddie Slipek
*Frank and Bocky Talbott
Kelly and John Termini
Andrew Thalhimer, Michael Thalhimer – In honor of Marcia and Harry Thalhimer
*Marcia and Harry Thalhimer – in honor of Pam and Bill Royall
Myrtle Thurman
*Barbara Tisserat
Vaco Richmond, LLC
Deborah Valentine
Peyton Valentine – in honor of Eddie Slipek
VCU Development and Alumni Relations
*Andrew and Jovelyn Vorenberg
Randy Wade
Caroline T. and Gordon W. Wallace, Jr.
Robert Walz
James and Betsy Ware – in honor of Eddie Slipek
*Sherry and Gregg Weinberg
Westminster-Canterbury Foundation
*Molly Wheaton
*Mrs. Vicki White and Mr. Eric White
*Kelly and Peter Wilbanks
Mary Willett – in honor of Eddie Slipek
*Mr.  and Mrs. E. Otto N. Williams, Jr.
*Edward Winstead
*Mr. and Mrs. Marshall B. Wishnack
David Wofford
The Woman’s Club of Richmond
Betty Woo
Adele Wood
Cynthia Archer Wray
Mary Denny Wray – in honor of Eddie Slipek
*Willie Anne Wright

*Gifts in honor of Bev Reynolds