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Inventing ICA: Process and Transparency

Inventing ICA

Our goal is to bring transparency to the process of creativity in all its facets — from architecture to technology and from planning to programming. As we onboard a growing team that will make the ICA a reality, we aim to bring a number of thought leaders to Richmond to discuss topics integral to our development and… Read more »

Attention and Seeing: Shaping New Museum Experiences

Attention and Seeing: Shaping New Museum Experiences

Phillip Long and Koven J. Smith University of Texas, Austin Every visitor to a museum brings with him or her a unique way of seeing and understanding shaped by his or her upbringing and selective concentration. Ten visitors to the same exhibition will, in effect, “see” 10 different exhibitions. And yet, museum experiences are still… Read more »

Museums and Big Data — Supporting Exploration, Innovation, and Audience Engagement in the Cultural Sector


Today’s museums are awash in data. With so many sources of information available, an organization can be drowning in numbers, but starved for real insight. Robert Stein, former Deputy Director of the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA), will examine how museums can begin to collect and analyze data to illuminate their practice and enhance their impact on visitors…. Read more »