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ICA Q&As: Meredith Carrington

Senior Graphic Designer Meredith Carrington sat down to answer a few questions about her work at the ICA. What’s your role at the ICA? I’m the gatekeeper of the visual brand for the ICA. There’s an amazing visual identity that was created by a number of folks, including the VCUarts staff and John Paolini, a… Read more »

Behind the Scenes: Building Interdisciplinary Relationships

Erin Hanas, associate curator of academic programs, shares her goals for coordinating faculty and student engagement. 1. What is a typical day for you and/or your team?   Planning meetings and conversations — often related to programming ideas we are developing — but every day brings something new and different and creatively challenging. This ranges… Read more »

Behind the Scenes: Building a Donor Base for a New Institution

Carol Anne Baker LaJoie, director of development, shares the challenges and rewards of fundraising — from the potential to the planning — for a new art institution. What is your favorite aspect of fundraising for the ICA? Being with donors, hands down. I have a deep belief in the power of philanthropy because I’ve seen… Read more »