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Inventing ICA: Process and Transparency

Inventing ICA

Our goal is to bring transparency to the process of creativity in all its facets — from architecture to technology and from planning to programming. As we onboard a growing team that will make the ICA a reality, we aim to bring a number of thought leaders to Richmond to discuss topics integral to our development and… Read more »

Wrapping the ICA’s Headquarters

Inspired by a commitment to creativity, our staff decided earlier this year that the façade of the ICA’s temporary headquarters at 818 West Broad Street should undergo a bold, vivid makeover. Based on the ICA’s brand identity, a once stark white brick storefront now features a bright color palette of red, pink, and purple. Using… Read more »

A Forum of Ideas — A Collaborative Program with VCUarts Interior Design

This past spring, 38 undergraduate and 8 graduate VCU interior design students were given the opportunity to take their studies beyond the studio and into the real world. In a joint collaboration between ICA staff, School of the Arts Interior Design (IDES) faculty, and BCWH Architecture colleagues, students were asked to examine design challenges presented… Read more »

Digital Wallpapers — Design Studies for the ICA

In light of our recent collaboration with VCUarts Interior Design and BCWH Architects, we’re sharing select works by participating VCUarts interior design students as digital wallpapers for your desktop and mobile devices. Download Instructions: Right click/Ctrl + click and select “Save Image As…” to download the image file. Desktop (horizontal): An Liu, Forum Interior, digital sketch >>… Read more »

The ICA Auditorium

As construction crews removed the scaffolding and support systems around the exterior of the Markel Center last summer, the sloping plane that supports the auditorium seating was revealed. In keeping with the ICA’s mission to be ever-changing, Steven Holl Architects designed the auditorium to be a flexible and dynamic space that can accommodate the broadest possible range of… Read more »

Behind the Scenes: Building a Donor Base for a New Institution

Carol Anne Baker LaJoie, director of development, shares the challenges and rewards of fundraising — from the potential to the planning — for a new art institution. What is your favorite aspect of fundraising for the ICA? Being with donors, hands down. I have a deep belief in the power of philanthropy because I’ve seen… Read more »

Market Research: Profiling the ICA’s Audience

Over the summer, we teamed up with two VCU graduates to research the ICA’s followers to develop audience profiles and understand their motivations. Collaboratively managed by Joseph Baumgardner (BS Marketing ’16) and Christian Marchant (BS Creative Advertising ’15), the project began with a survey developed to identify those most likely to support and engage with the ICA.  The survey was… Read more »

October 2016 Construction Update

Fall is finally here and with it, the Markel Center enters an exciting new phase of construction. Over the past few weeks, the building was dramatically transformed with the removal of scaffolding and reveal of the torqued exterior walls above the auditorium. Concrete work for the lower level, first-floor gallery, cafe, and shop have all been completed; remaining are the third-floor… Read more »

Q&A with Rahim Hassan: Teen Programming at the ICA

Last summer, the ICA and VCUarts Department of Sculpture + Extended Media jointly hosted four high school interns from area schools participating in the Cochrane Summer Economic Institute. The interns were tasked with conducting research on local arts programming for teens and providing recommendations for the creation of teen programs at both the ICA and… Read more »

Donor Q&A: Carole Harrell

Carole Harrell, Richmond-based artist and recent graduate of VCUarts Graphic Design department, discusses her expectations and hopes for the ICA. What does the ICA mean to you and why do you support it? Having lived in Richmond for nearly four years while earning my BFA in graphic design, I witnessed enormous growth and expansion in the urban… Read more »

Modeling the ICA’s Markel Center

Last spring the ICA commissioned An Liu, a master’s student in the School of the Arts Department of Interior Design, to build an architectural model of the Markel Center. Liu is an expert model builder. He estimates having constructed more than 50 architectural models since he was a bachelor’s student in exhibition design at Nanjing… Read more »

Design in Real Time

In a joint collaboration between ICA staff, School of the Arts Interior Design faculty, and BCWH Architecture colleagues (the ICA’s architect of record), interior design students were asked to examine design challenges presented by the ICA’s forum, a space defined by a 36-foot ceiling, a curving wall, and a sweeping grand staircase. A focal point… Read more »

A Green Guide to the Building (Part 2)

VCU and the ICA are committed to building a greener and more sustainable campus. We spoke with the ICA’s Interim Director of Facilities, Installation, and Exhibition Design Michael Lease to explore the positive environmental impact of key construction materials and the site’s landscape. One of the most visible green elements will be the zinc panels… Read more »

Summer 2016 Audience Survey

We would like to know more about you and your motivations for connecting with the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU! Please complete the following short survey to help us better understand and serve our audiences. All responses are strictly confidential. Thank you for your support. Launch Survey >>

A Green Guide to the Building (Part 1)

VCU and the ICA are committed to building a greener and more sustainable campus. Maximizing the opportunities of a new construction project, the ICA is incorporating technologies that ensure building operations will have a limited environmental impact. We spoke with the ICA’s Interim Director of Administration Jaime Baird about three engineering features — geothermal wells,… Read more »

Let the World Finally be Reached (First Contact: Nir Evron)

I was excited when the Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) announced Israeli artist Nir Evron’s exhibition, Projected Claims, at VCUarts’ Depot Gallery, and, even more excited when I learned he would teach a seminar. I was intrigued by many aspects of Evron’s work: the reclaiming of history and poetic imagery, reviewing the Holy Land as… Read more »

Donor Q&A: Sally Bowring

Sally Bowring, artist, public art advocate, and ICA supporter, discusses her expectations and hopes for the ICA. 1. What does the ICA mean to you and why do you support it? I came to Richmond for the first time in 1978, arriving on the opening night of 1708 Gallery, an amazing addition to Richmond! I… Read more »

VCU’s Edward A. Wayne Medal and Extraordinary Philanthropy

On Saturday, May 14, 2016, the Edward A. Wayne Medal was awarded to True Farr Luck and Charles S. “Charlie” Luck in recognition of their extraordinary philanthropy and volunteer service at VCU. Established in 1971, the medal honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions or provided exemplary services to VCU.

Digital Downloads

Show your ICA spirit! Update your desktop and mobile devices with screensavers and banners featuring the ICA’s iconic building, the Markel Center, in a repeating pattern. Download Instructions: Right click /Ctrl + click and select “Save Image As…” to download the image file. Smart Phones & Ereaders (vertical) >> Desktop (horizontal) >> Social Banners >>… Read more »

Words of Wisdom

As we celebrate the Class of 2016, our staff would like to share a few words of advice — some practical, some aspirational — to help them transition into the workforce and realize their dreams for the future. Congratulations graduates! We look forward to welcoming you back to campus and to the ICA in 2017…. Read more »